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  • Who We Are

    Mac Neal LLC is a Tax, Graphic Design and Bookkeeping firm dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality and speedy graphic designs, full service bookkeeping and quick turnaround tax service. Mac Neal LLC envisions becoming a one-stop-shop for all of their client’s business needs. It is currently on the path to being a conglomerate of multiple businesses, already having three subsidiaries under its umbrella.

    Mac Neal LLC was established as a limited liability company owned by its founder Malcolm Alexander-Neal. Malcolm has a strong educational and professional background in business and finance, with three years of corporate accounting experience. Malcolm is a dedicated, driven worker who has been in business for himself his entire life, and has provided private tax services for over seven years. He has created various graphic projects ranging from business cards, invitations and t-shirts for twelve years. He provided bookkeeping services for a non-profit based in Detroit Michigan for five years.

    The philosophy behind Mac Neal LLC has thus been alive for over a decade, and it brings this vast experience to it’s client’s disposal and already has a reputation of exceeding expectations whilst actively establishing an active client base.

    Mac Neal LLC consists of Mac Neal LLC, Properties, Mac Neal LLC, Travel, and Mac Neal Inc. Non-Profit as subsidiaries.

  • What We Offer

    The firm offers tax preparation and bookkeeping services for small businesses and individuals. We are structured to keep fixed costs as low as possible, and continue to define the expertise of Mac Neal LLC through our website resources.

    Our services include Small Business Accounting, Bookkeeping, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping Clean Up, Income Statement Preparation, Balance Sheet Preparation and custom reports. We additionally offer financial planning advice and budgeting guidance.

    The firm also provides complete custom graphic design projects for customers, including Business Cards, CD Covers, Flyers, Invitations, Greeting Cards and obituaries, amongst a long list of other projects.

    Mac Neal LLC, Properties operates as a leasing agent for properties in Chicago, Illinois. Mac Neal LLC, Properties additionally provides brokerage services for the sale of property in Chicago, IL. Mac Neal LLC, Properties is partnered with Kale Reality as its host agency. We have access to a network of over 8,000 listings and assist our clients in finding or renting out their apartments/condos. Mac Neal LLC, Properties also act as a broker selling single-family homes.

    Mac Neal LLC, Travel operates as a full service travel agency, specializing in international vacation packages. This covers air travel, car rental, cruises, hotels and railways. Mac Neal LLC, Travel is partnered with KHM Travel Group as its host agency. Through this, we are connected to hundreds of preferred suppliers that helps Mac Neal LLC, Travel meet the needs of our customers – all at a cheaper cost. Mac Neal LLC, Travel specializes in travel to Alaska, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and Japan.

  • MacNeal, LLC Mission

    Our mission is to grow into one of the most comprehensive one-stop-shop professional service firms in the market. We strive to deliver professional and competitive services to our clients.


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