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I am surrounded by smart and beautiful friends that are also successful in their careers and in their endeavors to build and sustain their businesses. I would like to introduce you to my closest associates that may be of interest to you!

Chatoya Antwine

“À la carte Galore”

Executive Planner and Coordinator of À la carte Galore, Chatoya Antwine is a native Detroiter and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Michigan State University and Masters in Accounting from Wayne State University. She is currently a full-time Corporate Accountant and has previously worked for the government and a Fortune 100 company; also know as one of the Big Four Accounting Firms.

Chatoya loves planning and organizing and considers her role in her company more of a passion than a job. She believes that if you love something, your love must be so great that you would do it even if you didn’t get paid for. This is what she calls a passion and her passion is planning. What makes her happy is seeing people overjoyed by her abilities to go above and beyond in order to bring their visions to life.

C. Michelle

“C Michelle Styles”

Hi Ladies and Gents!

I cannot sum myself up in a few words, so if you have a couple of hours email me n’ we can discuss further! LOL! For starters I am a fun loving, makeup junkie, fashion obsessed, history n’ art buff fat ass from Detroit, MI.

One of my first passions was food n’ I worked as a pastry chef in a restaurant for a couple of months until I realized it would only be a passion n’ hobby for me. I was enrolled in culinary school but decided to go to MSU instead n’ I graduated from there… On my website I show you all facets of me, who I am, the things that I love, n’ what makes me, me… Without this website, I don’t know where I would be! I created to express myself n’ reach people who yearned to be themselves n’ didn’t know where to start! I wanted to make sure that I was not weird or crazy for loving Beauty n’ Fashion so much! Back when I first started in 2010 people weren’t as “free” with fashion nor did they understand the creative movement that was happening in Michigan…

I was perceived as “weird”, “extra”, “over the top” n’ I still wore what I wanted n’ did not conform to many others mediocrity. If I lived in NY, LA or even Chicago I would be considered “regular” but to me…I was just me! helped me grow as a woman n’ I hope to inspire others to be themselves! Ok enough with my story…

Let me motivate you! Let me n’ be your creative hub!

Welcome to my world!



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